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06 September 2012

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30 August 2012

To Latvia and Beyond!

Here's our praises and prayer requests for September 2012.

PRAISE GOD: He strengthened our family as we were apart for most of August and He brought us all safely back to Latvia. He made August a fruitful month in Latvia as dozens were saved and many more recommitted their lives to Jesus in summer camps. He spoke through me and to me at the CC Scandinavia conference in Sweden and opened doors to reach people in other parts of Europe.

1. For us and Calvary Latvia, God is leading us to leave Latvia by November 15. Pray that we may finish well and pass the torch on to others.
2. Pray for our weekly "Verse by Verse" radio broadcast throughout Latvia to inspire many others to study God's word. Pray for financial provision if God wants us to keep broadcasting during the next 3 months and perhaps even after we leave.
3. For our visit to Hungary (September 16-25), for confirmation if we should commit to move there to teach/lead CCBCE students in 2013-2014.
4. For opportunities to go on short-term missions trips in Sweden and/or Israel in October.
5. For possible visit to Calvary Monterey in December-January (I was just there for a few weeks, but it would be good if we will be launched into a new mission in 2013) pray that we may build more/stronger relationships with new members, that they too may serve as senders and/or future goers!

03 July 2012

July 2012 requests

We are currently on furlough in California, visiting family, friends and supporting churches. We'd love to share an update with you in person if possible! Tonight, we'll be in Marina at Calvary's missions fellowship. Meet us there at 7pm! Address: 185 Lillian Pl, Marina, CA 93933.

Would you please pray for these 5 things this month?
1. For our faith (encouragement, vision from Jesus)
2. For our finances (extra support to preach Jesus)
3. For our family in the USA (especially relatives who don't know Jesus)
4. For our fellowship in Latvia (entrusting them to Jesus)
5. For our future team (ensemble that glorifies Jesus)

Thank you all so much for your prayers, financial support, encouragement and fellowship in the gospel of Jesus! If you would like to connect with us while in California, call Brenten at 1(831)229-2671.

02 March 2012


Thank you so much for continuing to pray with us for our mission in Latvia! Prayer makes the difference between brick walls and break throughs and we feel it when you are lifting Latvia and our family up in prayer. I'm glad to hear about Calvary Monterey's life groups and that they are willing to take time to pray for us each week!

So here are our prayer requests for the month of March. Please pray for...
1. CHURCH. For the fellowship that meets in our home on Sundays, and the young believers coming to Bible studies, increase in faith, love and prayerfulness.
2. FAMILY. For our family (Brenten, Lena, Caleb, Lily, Samuel) to stay healthy, encouraged and faithful; to love the Lord, each other and the saints.
3. BIBLE COLLEGE. For Brenten's trip March 5-10 to Hungary (CCBCE), bless the travels, the students and my teaching on apologetics.
4. FRUIT. For the Lord to bless Latvia by raising up laborers, building His church, sending out His word, drawing people to Jesus, providing for needs.
5. VISION. For the Lord to direct our steps as we feel we're at a crossroads in 2012 regarding our mission and need for teamwork.

Thanks again for your heart for world missions and remembering us in your prayers. We need it!
Brenten Powers

09 February 2012

February 2012

• Answered prayer: A fruitful youth camp in Latvia, a refreshing CC pastors conference in Germany, more joy and love in family and church.

Please pray for us this month:
• Health: Continue praying for Lena's thyroid, which is not producing enough energy.
May God strengthen her and the family to help her more.
• Calvary Riga: that the believers' faith would increase and that they'd follow Jesus closely as they apply the gospel of John to their lives.
• Young adults: For the Bible study in Jelgava, that men & women would keep receiving the word (Romans) & apply it to their lives & share it with others.
• "That the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored" (2Thes. 3:1), pray for
opportunities in 2012 (Radio, tracts, DVDs, IBS seminar, camps).

Thank you to the few of you who are still checking this blog and lifting these requests to our Father in heaven, may He reward you and answer according to His will, for His glory and our good.

In Christ,

07 January 2012

Prayer for the new year.

Brenten & Lena Powers - Prayer Points January 2012
• Praise for fruitful outreaches: Christmas market evangelism, and teaching at One Way youth camp.
• Pray for Sunday and Thursday groups to learn to live by faith in 2012 as we are studying John and Romans.
• Pray for Lena, healing of thyroid, needs more energy for homeschooling Caleb and Lily, and taking care of baby Samuel.
• Pray for confirmation if we should broadcast on radio (100,000 potential listeners, $100 for 15 minutes), and teach Inductive Bible study seminar at a local Pentecostal church.
• Pray for Martin, we had to kick him out of the church again, needs humility, repentance and love.

03 November 2011

November 2011

Here is our prayer and praise update for November:
  • Good news: God provided everything we needed to apply for residence permits this month. Praise the Lord.
  • Now please pray that we would be good stewards, hard workers and faithful messengers this year in Latvia and beyond.
  • Pray for opportunities to visit the Bible colleges in Germany and Hungary and to take along a brother or two from here.
  • for equipping nationals for ministry, for laborers to be raised up to sow the truth of God's word among their own people.
  • for growth in ministries: pastoral, worship, men, women, children, evangelism, truth project, home fellowships